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Nembutal (sodium pentobarbital) powder, capsules, tablets, liquids

Nembutal (sodium pentobarbital) powder, capsules, tablets, liquids

Announcement Code: 51845511
Price: 150 EUR Negotiable
Deadline: 2020-07-11

User information

User: sabrina22santuari
Phone Number: Not Assigned
E-mail: sabrina22santuari@gmail.com
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Common Characteristics

Brand: Not SpecifiedProducing country: Germany
Quantity: Not Specified


Nembutal (sodium pentobarbital) powder, capsules, tablets, liquids We are professional suppliers of NEMBUTAL and Actavis Promethazine / Codeine Purple Cough Syrup, Oxcodine, Phentermine 30Mg, Phendimetrazine 35Mg and other research and pharmaceutical substances Contact me via WhatsApp or email for a quick answer. WhatsApp: ... +491744381775 Email: ... kimangelika4@gmail.com Worldwide at very reasonable prices. Competitive prices, excellent quality, 100% guarantee of success! We promise the customer From the whole world we guarantee, your order will be 100% sent to you. Contact WhatsApp for more information. WhatsApp number ... {{{+491744381775 or 00491744381775}}} Supply capacity: 500g Minimum order quantity: 20g Lead time: 2 days Packaging: extremely discreet packaging Brand Name: LIA Our quality is the best you can find around.we sell in small and large quantities with guaranteed discreet delivery that will reach you 2-3 days after confirmation of payment .. All of our products are in pure crystalline and powder of the highest purity available. Contact WhatsApp for more information. WhatsApp number ... {{{+491744381775 or 00491744381775}}}
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